Temporary agency work aims to help companies. We are able to find the worker or workers who meet your requirements.

We will provide all the legal documentation (e.g. work permits), insurance, and other agreed solutions.

Temporary agency work constitutes a trilateral relationship. While two parties (the employer and the employee) are engaged in a classic employment relationship, the user undertaking is engaged as the third party in the case of temporary agency work. In a temporary agency work relationship, the employer (temporary work agency) enters into an employment contract with the temporary agency worker, on the basis of which they are sent to perform temporary work for a third party – the user undertaking – under the management and supervision of the latter. The temporary work agency and the user undertaking enter into a contract under the law of obligations which regulates the cooperation between them.

Temporary agency work is meant for companies who do not wish to hire their own employees as well as for small companies who have won procurements but do not have enough employees to handle the increased workload. When using temporary agency work, all staff-related activities are conducted by the temporary work agency. This means that companies are able to fully focus on their main activities.